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How to Change an AdSense Account From Individual to Business

How to Change an AdSense Account From Individual to Business

AdSense does not allow account holders to change an individual account to a business account, or vice versa, but you can cancel an account and run the same ad units on the same domain under a different name. The process is lengthier, but it is important to input accurate information when you are switching from an individual to a business. There is no difference in maintenance of a business or individual account other than the fact that payments received go to a company instead of an individual.

Cancel Your AdSense Individual Account

  • Prepare your AdSense account for cancellation. Remove all ad units from your website, taking care to note the sizes you used and locations you placed ads. Remove any holds that are stopping payment to your account and download any reports that you wish to archive.
  • Download any performance reports you need for your own records. To download performance reports, click Performance Reports followed by “Export CSV.”
  • Log in to your AdSense account and visit “Account Settings” from the “Home” tab.
  • Click “Close account.” Select the reason you are closing your account from the drop-down list (you can use “Other”) and agree to the terms and conditions. When you are ready, click “Continue” and Google will inform you that an email was sent to confirm that you wanted to cancel your account. Follow the instructions inside that email to complete the cancellation of you individual AdSense account.

Create an AdSense Business Account

  • Sign up for AdSense with the Google account that is associated with your company. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one during the signup process for AdSense. You will be asked for your email address and a password, and then you will fill out a CAPTCHA form. When you are finished, click “Create my account.”
  • Specify which domain you will display content on and then select the primary language. Agree to the program policies and click “Continue.”
  • Fill out your payee details, including a company name that matches the bank account associated with your company. Also specify the full name of the person who will act as a representative for your company.
  • Click “Submit my application” and wait for a response from the AdSense team. The response will come via email and will contain a link to complete your signup as a business.
  • Check your “Account Settings” page for the “Account Information” and verify that your account type is “Business.”

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